Ancient Egypt
Elements of its Cultural History

  by Sjef Willockx




Three Tombs attributed to Amenhotep I: K93.11, AN B and KV39  (Abstract)

This paper examines the claims of three tombs that have been proposed as the tomb of Amenhotep I: one just south of the Valley of the Kings (KV39) and two others about 1.5 km east of the Valley: K93.11 and AN B. The various studies of these tombs are discussed in the order in which they appeared. This helps to clarify the development of the many conflicting views that over time have arisen.

A rigorous analysis of the different arguments leads to the conclusion that the claims of K93.11 and KV39 can with a high degree of certainty be dismissed, and that AN B is the most likely candidate. Supporting evidence for the latter is obtained from a detailed comparison of the inventory of stone vessels from AN B with that of KV62: Tutankhamunís tomb.

Special attention is given to Papyrus Abbott, which holds an account of an inspection tour of the Theban necropolis during the 20th dynasty. This account has been searched by many for clues about the location of Amenhotep Iís tomb (which is mentioned in it), but with quite different results. An alternative interpretation of this account is given, leading to the conclusion that the order in which the account lists the tombs probably has no particular bearing on their locations.

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