Ancient Egypt
Elements of its Cultural History

  by Sjef Willockx







Two Tombs attributed to Tuthmosis I: KV20 and KV38 (Abstract)

This paper examines the architecture and location of two of the oldest royal tombs in the Valley of the Kings: KV20 and KV38. In KV20, sarcophagi for both Hatshepsut and Tuthmosis I have been discovered. In KV38, another sarcophagus was found, also bearing the names of Tuthmosis I. The attribution by Hayes (“Royal Sarcophagi of the XVIIIth Dynasty”) of the various sarcophagi is examined, and to some extent modified.

The plan of KV20 has long defied explanation. The supposed orientation of KV20 towards Hatshepsut’s mortuary temple at Deir el-Bahri is checked against a satellite picture: this shows matters to be somewhat different than expected. Mapping of both KV20 and KV38 reveals, that both tombs have in fact been oriented towards El Qurn: the distinctive mountain peak that dominates the Valley of the Kings.

95 pages, 17 figures, 24 tables, extensive bibliography.







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